The video has been posted to Twitter and a longer version was uploaded to YouTube.

David Lawrence posted the video to YouTube saying, “This is the footage I recorded whilst on a Ryanair flight on 19 Oct 2018. In the clip you can see and hear the man call the elderly woman an ugly black bastard.”

The man rants and screams vulgarity at the woman for several minutes.

People say he should be thrown off the flight while flight crew says the woman might want to change her seat and asks the man to calm down.

The man calls her a “black dog” and “ugly black bastard” among other racist vulgarities. Passengers are stunned but try to get the man to stop. He continues calling her names and then threatens that if she doesn’t go to another seat, he will “push her.”

He insists that they must move her. She says she wants to talk to her daughter. Ryanair flight attendants appear to do little save to get her moved and ask him to calm down.

In the last frames, the woman is not there and the flight attendant is told by the man “I’m alright now.”

It’s not clear what, if anything, Ryanair did following the incident. The airline says it’s “Europe’s favorite.”

Theres’ no mention of the incident on RyanAir’s website or its social media.

This is a developing story. 

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