A traveller shared footage of the incident on social media, which sparked outrage among users

IT’S important to feel comfortable when you’re flying, especially when the journey is a long one.

But sometimes, passengers take it a step too far in making themselves feel at home, as one traveller revealed.

In a video posted to the Passenger Shaming Instagram account, one passenger revealed how a parent sat by and let her child vandalise the plane they were on.

The footage starts with shots of the tray tables in a row, which were covered with different coloured scribbles.

Then it panned from the aisle to the window seat where a child was still busy scribbling on the tray table in front of him.

The child was seen sitting on his parent’s lap – who at one point even guides his hand.

The child then reached back round to scribble on another tray.

Video of the vandalism sparked outrage on the social media site with many blaming the parent.

User 4minutesearlier said: “Bad parenting. No excuse.”

Mollysheridan2233, another user, added: “Oh yeah. That’s a special way to teach a child respect for other’s property. Trashy parent!!!”

3 thoughts on “Passenger lets her toddler graffiti all over the tray tables – and even guides his hand

  1. The parent or adult in charge of the child should have been charged with vandalism and made to pay for the cost of the restoration of the damage done.

  2. The accompanying parent or adult in chage of the child should have been charged with vandalism and then made to pay the cost of the restoration of the damage.

  3. Easy solution:

    The airline has the parent’s detail & the evidence (PROVIDED the footage can identify her). Take her to court for malicious damage to private property.

    Then the airline must publish the court finding on their website & a warning during every on-board safety briefing, that “any person found intentionally
    damaging any part of the aircraft in any manner, WILL be prosecuted”.

    The airline’s simple choice; u want fare-paying passengers damaging your plane (costing YOU as airline to repair), or fare-paying passengers (minus a few seats open where idiots sit) respecting your property & ensuring a safe & pleasant flight?

    If the airline is too scared of loosing a few fare-paying idiots, you will loose me & many other respectable & respectful passengers as well.

    Let’s see what happens.

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