Mid-air "panic" as engine fault causes smoke to fill aircraft

A passenger has described the terrifying moment a plane filled with smoke after a bright flash from one of its engines.

The FlyBe plane was flying from Manchester to Luxembourg when there was a “flash” on the left hand side of the aircraft followed by “smoke in the cabin”.

The plane, a propeller-driven Bombardier Dash 8 Q400, was diverted to Birmingham Airport where it landed “awkwardly” on one engine this afternoon, Thursday, February 7.

Mo Millward, who was on board the flight, tweeted from the plane saying how those on board had been “panicking” as they “didn’t know what was wrong”.

She said they “shut an engine down” before landing “awkwardly”.

The fire brigade then checked the plane for any damage, later tweeted that the brigade had “found something leaking”.

Other passengers praised the pilot and crew on board for their response.


One thought on “Mid-air “panic” as engine fault causes smoke to fill aircraft

  1. The highly trained and professional crew followed their procedures and the Q400 landed “safely” on one engine. An OEI Approach. (One Engine Inoperative). The pilots would have practised this many times in the simulator.

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