Breaking: Major damage to Air Mauritius Airbus A 350

The wing of this plane hit the tail of an Air France aircraft during a Pushback operation on Wednesday.

A misfortune never comes alone. At 24 hours when the Board of Air Mauritius is preparing to explain losses in the order of Rs 1 billion incurred during the first nine months of the current financial year, one of the two Airbus A350 of the national airline suffered major damage during ground operations at Roissy-Charles-de-Gaulle airport in Paris on Wednesday. The first information available and based on the photos of the aircraft, which circulate as a result of this accident, the damage is considered considerable on the side of Air Mauritius.

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At this Wednesday evening, no indication was available as to the return in the commercial circuit of this brand new Airbus A 350. “The device is currently under the control of the French authorities for investigation purposes. In addition this type of device is Composite and it will be necessary to wait for the conclusions of the expertises in progress to know more about the putting back into operation of the apparatus “, one made understand in the authorized mediums.

The indications are that this accident occurred after the landing and disembarking of passengers of the Airbus A 350 in Paris on Wednesday. This explains that no casualties were reported during this collision between two aircraft on the runway. The technical staff, including engineers from Air France, were engaged in a Push Back operation of the Airbus A 350 Air Mauritius at the time of the facts.

The AĆ©roports de Paris investigators will have to determine whether the Air France aircraft, which was next to it, and against which the Air Mauritius Airbus crashed, was authorized to park at this specific location of the airport. airport. The consequence of these maneuvers is that the wing of Air Mauritius Airbus violently hit the tail of the Air France aircraft with consequent damage on behalf of Air Mauritius, having to review the deployment of its long-haul fleet with the shutdown of the Airbus A 350 in the coming days. Source

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  1. During the last crisis lots of experienced ground crews were laid off. Now aviation is expanding, the gaps are filled with temporary workers. Training is done hastilly and this is the result. Its not the fault of the tug driver but of management decissions and poor (cheap) training.

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